Black Paradox Wiki

Hedgehog is a unique weapon in Black Paradox.

This weapon is one of the only "melee" weapons in the game. Each time it fires, it deploys a large circular blade that quickly orbits clockwise one time directly around the player, dealing damage to anything with which it comes into contact. Due to its 360° area of effect, Hedgehog is able to attack enemies located behind Black Paradox, as well as those above and below; many bosses are especially weak when attacked from behind, and this weakness is highly exploitable with this weapon.

Additionally, the weapon has the singular ability to destroy not only enemy mines and rockets, but their main weapon projectiles as well. This includes most projectiles fired by bosses, such as the cannonballs rained down by Angry Bones, resulting in a weapon that not only excels offensively at close range, but defensively as well.

Due to the close proximity to enemies required to use effectively, Hedgehog should be wielded with caution, as players will have much less time to react to sudden movements of or shots fired by enemies.

When using this weapon, player movement is slowed while the Fire button is held.